Galley lighting

Our upgrade of lights continues with galley lighting that enables us to rotate LEDs to see all counter surfaces. The switch is reachable when entering the cabin making it easy to turn on first.

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Let there be light!

We love the wooden interior.  It’s warm and inviting.  But in the winter darkness that is Alaska after September, it gets hard to read.  We opted to upgrade our interior lights, but marine magazines quoted WAAAAYYYY too much for their LED lights.  When visiting family, we went to an IKEA and ran amuck in the lighting […]

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Rail Retro-fit

Empi’s wooden rail was rotten and a wee bit unsafe. As we make modifications for our safety and security, with the help of our friends at Quality Marine of Alaska, we will install a steel rail and lifeline system and new entry points into the cockpit!  Stay tuned!

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