Slow Rumble to Homer

After a pleasant day of Moose spotting, story telling and pulling over to let cars pass. We rolled down the Homer Spit and Parked at the Salty Dog. The Tater Made Er….. Stevo wanted to show me some museums, he has taken field trips to. So thats what we did. After a fun day of […]

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5 day scramble

Since leaving the slope May 20 and landing in Anchorage, it has been a non stop blast of energy amongst the crew of Empiricus. A long punch list sat before us as the time ticked away. The name of the game was “Checklist”. With a checklist in hand, mountains can be moved. without. Mountains can […]

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High Arctic Fuel Depot

Well if you don’t already know, the Crew of Empiricus will be attempting a passage that has never been done in history. Route 1 East as it is called is the Eastbound route through McClure Straight. We do not yet know if conditions will be favorable for this passage but we plan to give it […]

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