5 day scramble

Since leaving the slope May 20 and landing in Anchorage, it has been a non stop blast of energy amongst the crew of Empiricus.

A long punch list sat before us as the time ticked away. The name of the game was “Checklist”. With a checklist in hand, mountains can be moved. without. Mountains can be moved. Problem being, its usually the wrong mountains!

Here the stores are loaded into the "Potato"
Here the stores are loaded into the “Potato”

So with the focus of checklisting, the final strokes were made at logistics.

Tye truck was inventoried as each piece in each crate was loaded. Items borrowed were removed from the list. The replaced as they were returned. Everything has a purpose.

Stores on wheels

Here is a list of hardware only, we loaded into the truck.
Honda 2000i generator
200 lbs of packaged coal bundles
Tig welding rod
Flux coat weld rod
5 gallon linseed oil for wire curing
Argon tank
Weld PPE
1-1/2 Honda emergency bilge pump
1-1/2 Fire hose / Nozzle
2″ Electric Emergency Bilge pump
Alpacka raft and paddle
Rescue life jackets and harnesses
3/8 cable crimp tool
1/8-7/16 cable crimp tool
400′ 3/8 galvanized cable (For re rigging mast)
Spare new alternator
Spare new starter
Stsainless steel scrap metal for rigging refit and lifeline refit
Camp pad
Commercial climbing harness for re rig work.
Camp espresso machine
200′ measure tape
Snow shoes
Snow poles
Rock climb harness and helmets
Climbing line and hardware
Water filtration system
Angle drill
Bivy sack
Sleeping Bag
Alaska coast Charts
Arctic Alaska Charts
Canadian Arctic Charts
Electronic Charts
Navigational laptop system

Alcohol stove and hardware
Survival candle
Cable crimp fittings
Ham radio, tuners, wire, fittings, tools etc
Backup battery charger
New sail bags
Solar charger
Circuit testor
Jumper cables
Water jugs
Hose clamps
Scroll saw
Zip ties
Paint filters (For emergency fuel purification)
Bull line
Talkabout radios
Slick booties for survival suits
Small inverter
Vice grips
Gasket maker
Chess board
AA Batteries
AAA batteries
Remington 721 12 gage
Sailmakers sewing machine, hand tools, patch material
11’07” Passagemaker pram with sail, oars, mast and rudder
Ten, 15 gallon fuel canisters.

Sailing Directions 180
Riggers Apprentice
Jane Russels Arctic Manual
Greenland sailing directions
Celestial Workforms and plotting sheets
Vessel documentation
Radio Licenses
HO 229 Volume 5
Weather books
Blank Journals (Write in the rain)
12 volt electrical handbook
Long term Nautical Almanac
2013 Nautical Almanac
Dive manuals
Miscl Dive gear
Sail panel reference papers
Sea Ice Manual
Ice navigation manual
Arctic sailing directions 403
Arctic sailing directions 400
Canadian notice to mariners
Arctic sailing directions Vol2
Sailing illustrated (Royce)
Celestial Nav binder

These items are intended to augment the onboard inventory of EMPIRICUS. Some items will return, some will stay as the onboard inventory is overhauled and projects are completed.

Load her up!

Following the hardware inventory and loading, Jason and I took a mad dash to Anchorage on a provision run. Where we completed the following.

Updated licenses with USCG
Acquired sat phone and plan, compliments of crew member Will Watson
Costco provisioning run
Reference books acquired
Packages retrieved
Provision shipments received from Natural Pantry and New Sagaya
Lunch and dinners with friends and supporters of the journey
Retrieved Capt. Mark Nelson of SV Sun Wah, fresh in from Austrailia
Hot dog aquired from IHOH (International House Of Hot Dogs

Jason and I had 30 minutes to complete our Costco Check list
Jason and I had 30 minutes to complete our Costco Check list

IHOH rocks!

Jason at International house of hot dogs
Jason at International house of hot dogs
Mckinley Dog rocks!
Mckinley Dog rocks!

Then it was back down the highway to Seward for a full food inventory and more loading of the “Potato” a beat to dirt 1995 Dodge pickup, on a one way trip to Kodiak.

The remainder of the time was spent rigging the dinghy, finalizing the invntory and loading the truck.

Mark helped us by building the boat rack and rigging the dinghy for sailing.

Here is the food inventory we loaded onto the potato;

25 lbs Cous Cous
25 lbs dried soup mix
25 lbs fruit muesli
18 OZ Tomato
18 OZ Polenta Chili
20 lbs Ves Orso
14lbs Bannana Chips
11 lbs Pineapple
11 Lbs Papaya
15 lbs sesame sticks
10 lbs corn chowder mix
10 lbs split peas
Powdered eggs equalling 18 dozen
3 cases canned corn
3 cases Green Beans
8 can peaches
8 cans pears
8 cans fruit cocktail
3 cases spam
18 jars Ragu sause
7 cans Nutella
6 jars salsa
64 OZ tahini
12 cans beets
12 cans beets
12 cans succotash
32 packages Saltines
15 packs Ritz Crackers
40 OZ Wheat Thins
48 OZ Cheeze Its
48 Pop Tarts
4 DAK Hams
37.5 OZ Sardines
59 tuna packs
16 packs spaghetti packs
12 packs 18 oz pasta
28, 4 oz
5 lbs Honey
32 oz Tapatio sause
48 oz Craisins X 2
56 OZ M&Ms Peanut
56 OX M&Ms Standard
32 OZ Cashew Clusters X2
Quiona 8 lbs
Salami and sausages 9 LBS
Shelf stable milk 1 case
75 OZ Coconut oil
10 Lbs Krusteaz
Chocholate espresso ix 2.25 lbs
210 Ricola drops
Chicken Bulion paste 3lbs
Chicken Bullion cubes 1 canister
74 Oz Pace Salsa
6 lbs gummy bears
4 lbs raisons
Velveta cheese 4lbs
80 oz peanut butter
50 lbs rice
2o jars canned turkey
70 oz Mayo
48 oz Ketsup
4 lbs sun dried tomatoes
46 packs miso
Bear Creek soup mixes 8
2.5 lbs mixed nuts
56 oz Yoshida sause
44 oz Pub Mix
52 OZ Peanut Butter filled Pretzels
4 Lbs Animal crackers
3 Lbs Chili Mix
2 Lbs Butter Powder
8 Lbs Popcorn
2 Lbs Potato soup
500 Zip Locks
900 Baby wipes
300 feet heavy foil
5 lbs coffee

Time to count it all
Time to count it all

These stores will add to the current onboard stores.
Jasons food pile

Fellow sailor Sherry Allen donated a box of solid chocolate bunnies for reserve sweets onboard.
Fellow sailor Sherry And Dave Allen donated a box of solid chocolate bunnies for reserve sweets onboard.

Tomorrow morning we will drive the potato toward Homer. Where we will catch the ferry to Kodiak and the next stage of this grand adventure!


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