Exploring Hershel Island

After departing the big Ice flow, we continued sailing East. Then encountered a head wind that built the seas and slowed our progress. Heavy fog set in just as we approached Hershel Island. We tried to go between the Island and the mainland, to get some shelter. According to the official publications, we wound have […]

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Morale afloat.

Morale aboard.  07/24/13  Kotzebue Sound Morale is everything afloat. There are unavoidable conditions at sea, which will wear a crew down.  Kill Morale or upset the rhythm of a crew.  These hazards can be mitigated but not eliminated. Many times we confuse the 2 and our tunnel vision assigns avoidable hazards into the unavoidable column. […]

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A gift of time.

Its 2:30 AM here aboard Empiricus.  We are a hundred Nautical Miles East of Point Barrow.  Hugging the coast only 3 miles away. The pack ice curtains us in on the Port side, as we slowly motor in sloppy, uneasy seas. We douced all our sails a few hours ago, having sailed most of this […]

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