Morale afloat.

Morale aboard.  07/24/13  Kotzebue Sound Morale is everything afloat. There are unavoidable conditions at sea, which will wear a crew down.  Kill Morale or upset the rhythm of a crew.  These hazards can be mitigated but not eliminated. Many times we confuse the 2 and our tunnel vision assigns avoidable hazards into the unavoidable column. […]

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A gift of time.

Its 2:30 AM here aboard Empiricus.  We are a hundred Nautical Miles East of Point Barrow.  Hugging the coast only 3 miles away. The pack ice curtains us in on the Port side, as we slowly motor in sloppy, uneasy seas. We douced all our sails a few hours ago, having sailed most of this […]

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Snapshots of Nome

While in Nome, the crew worked hard. we rigged, painted and prepared each day. But we got out a little as well. Here are a few snapshots. Behind each is a much grander story, but here is a taste for now. Since I heard Bruce’s yowl as we left the dock, and turned about to […]

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