SV “?????????” is nearly complete

Dan is putting the final touches on the Eastport, “Passage Maker” Pram. His hard work in building this fine little vessel is a major contribution to our trip through the Northwest Passage.

This little pram will be our workhorse. Hauling fuel, food, water and of course “Us” to and from land. It will carry a triple reefed sailing lug rig that is simple to set up and use.

The boat can also be rowed by one person. Early explorers used small launches like these almost daily, to scout out anchorages, take soundings and gather provisions.

A name has been chosen and will be announced, during a launching ceremony in the near future.

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Fuel staging containers

Fuel canisters staged in the kitchen for stenciling. Although Empiricus is a true sailing craft, Transiting the Northwest Passage has never (To my knowledge) been accomplished without the use of an auxiliary engine.  Ronald Amundsen carried thousands of gallons of fuel for his multi year passage.  He was the first to do so and attributed […]

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