A Gimbaled Astrocompass Experiment

In the spring of 2014 adapted an aircraft Astrocompass, for use at sea. https://empiricusembarks.com/2014/06/22/if-it-cannot-be-bought-it-must-be-built/ I did this by gutting an old Wood Freeman Autopilot compass, which was gimbal mounted. Then replaced the magnetic compass works, with a standard astrocompass mount. Then Samantha and I packed the works up to the Arctic, where Empiricus lay waiting […]


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2 SEASONS IN THE ARCTIC WITH “STORMR” An equipment review, by the crew of Empiricus

“STORMR” Product review from a sailors perspective. By Capt. Jesse Osborn and the crew of SV Empiricus. 2012-2014 In 2012, I was preparing to sail the fabled Northwest Passage. Having the right foul weather gear was going to be important. As I discussed this with a friend, he told me about this new company called […]

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Northwest Passage 2014 the official complete list of passage makers.

The following is the official list of Northwest Passage transits, by all vessels in recorded history.  Empiricus is number 208!  Ever! There is also some brief but interesting reading in the introduction.  They have Empiricus listed as a “Ketch”, but thats an easy mistake to make.  We have requested a correction to “Yawl”, but thats […]

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Safe Home

It’s just past 5 AM, here on the North Slope. I just got off nightshift, where I work as a mechanic in the winter. I’m tired. Yet I sit down this morning to write. Simply because what I have to say will not write itself. Personally I believe that the best thing we can pass […]

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Resonate on the bright side.

“Resonate” -to produce or be filled with a deep, full reverberating sound. We hear about all the ripple effects, don’t we? We hear the gossip and the drama. We as humans seem to love drama. Drama and blame. I have a theory about that. The theory goes that we tend to take the wide path […]

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