Northwest Passage 2014 the official complete list of passage makers.

The following is the official list of Northwest Passage transits, by all vessels in recorded history.  Empiricus is number 208!  Ever!

There is also some brief but interesting reading in the introduction.  They have Empiricus listed as a “Ketch”, but thats an easy mistake to make.  We have requested a correction to “Yawl”, but thats a minor detail.  The difference is, that a YAWL carries her Mizzen Mast Abaft of the rudder-post.  The mizzen is mostly used for trim and balance, although it does add some driving force to the rig.

I did a quick count of the list.  It looks like a total of 22 vesses from the United States have ever made the Northwest Passage transit.

Of those 22 transits, 11 were made by US Coast Guard ships. 1 by buoy tender. 10 by Icebreaker.

Although the list does not record by state.  I believe that EMPIRICUS is the first ship from Alaska, to ever transit the Northwest Passage.  Wohoo!  Way to go Crew!


Nearly touching the West Coast of Greenland and the completion of our 2013-2014 Northwest Passage transit.
Nearly touching the West Coast of Greenland and the completion of our 2013-2014 Northwest Passage transit.

Transits of the Northwest Passage to end of the 2014 navigation season

Atlantic Ocean   ↔   Arctic Ocean   ↔   Pacific Ocean

  1. K. Headland                                                                                                                   revised 1 October 2014

Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, Lensfield Road, Cambridge, United Kingdom, CB2 1ER.

The earliest traverse of the Northwest Passage was completed in 1853 but used sledges over the sea ice of the central part of Parry Channel. Subsequently the following 220 complete maritime transits of the Northwest Passage have been made to the end of the 2014 navigation season before winter began and the passage froze. These transits proceed to or from the Atlantic Ocean (Labrador Sea) in or out of the eastern approaches to the Canadian Arctic archipelago (Lancaster Sound or Foxe Basin) then the western approaches (McClure Strait or Amundsen Gulf), across the Beaufort Sea and Chukchi Sea of the Arctic Ocean, from or to the Pacific Ocean (Bering Sea) through the Bering Strait. The Arctic Circle is crossed near the beginning and the end of all transits unless they proceed to the west coast of Greenland. The routes and directions are indicated. Complements of a few vessels left them for winter to return in a later navigation season. Details of submarine transits are not included because only two have been reported (1960 USS Sea Dragon, Capt. George Peabody Steele, West 1 and 1962 USS Skate, Capt. Joseph Lawrence Skoog, East 1) and they do not need to navigate through ice.

Seven routes have been used for transits of the Northwest Passage with some minor variations (for example through Pond Inlet and Navy Board Inlet) and two composite courses in summers when ice was minimal (transits 153 and 170). These are shown on the attached map and proceed as follows:

1: Davis Strait, Lancaster Sound, Barrow Strait, Viscount Melville Sound, McClure Strait, Beaufort Sea, Chukchi Sea, Bering Strait. The shortest and deepest, but most difficult way owing to the severe ice of McClure Strait. The route is used by submarines because of its depth.

2: Davis Strait, Lancaster Sound, Barrow Strait, Viscount Melville Sound, Prince of Wales Strait, Amundsen Gulf, Beaufort Sea, Chukchi Sea, Bering Strait. An easier variant of route 1 which may avoid severe ice in McClure Strait. It is suitable for deep draft vessels.

3: Davis Strait, Lancaster Sound, Barrow Strait, Peel Sound, Franklin Strait, Victoria Strait, Coronation Gulf, Amundsen Gulf, Beaufort Sea, Chukchi Sea, Bering Strait. The principal route; used by most vessels of draft less than 10 m.

4: Davis Strait, Lancaster Sound, Barrow Strait, Peel Sound, Rae Strait, Simpson Strait, Coronation Gulf, Amundsen Gulf, Beaufort Sea, Chukchi Sea, Bering Strait. A variant of route 3 for smaller vessels if ice from McClintock Channel has blocked Victoria Strait. Simpson Strait is only 6·4 m deep, it has shoals and complex currents.

5: Davis Strait, Lancaster Sound, Prince Regent Inlet, Bellot Strait, Franklin Strait, Victoria Strait, Coronation Gulf, Amundsen Gulf, Beaufort Sea, Chukchi Sea, Bering Strait. This route is dependent on ice conditions in Bellot Strait which has complex currents. Mainly used by eastbound vessels.

6: Davis Strait, Lancaster Sound, Prince Regent Inlet, Bellot Strait, Rae Strait, Simpson Strait, Coronation Gulf, Amundsen Gulf, Beaufort Sea, Chukchi Sea, Bering Strait. A variant of route 5 for smaller vessels if ice from McClintock Channel has blocked Victoria Strait. Simpson Strait is only 6·4 m deep, complex currents run in it and in Bellot Strait.

7: Hudson Strait, Foxe Basin, Fury and Hecla Strait, Bellot Strait, Franklin Strait, Victoria Strait, Coronation Gulf, Amundsen Gulf, Beaufort Sea, Chukchi Sea, Bering Strait. A difficult route owing to severe ice usually at the west of Fury and Hecla Strait and the currents of Bellot Strait. Mainly used by eastbound vessels as an alternative is practicable.

Complete transits have been made by 162 different vessels. The Russian icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov has made 17 tran­sits, the largest number of any vessel. Hanseatic has made 11, Bremen 8 (2 with the former name, Frontier Spirit), and Polar Bound 5; 3 vessels have each made 3 transits, and 14 have made 2. More than one year was taken by 24 of these vessels, mainly small craft, to complete a transit wintering at various places along the route. Return transits in one summer have been made by 5 vessels. The vessels are from 31 registries: 47 from Canada, 24 Russia, 24 Bahamas and United States, 21 Britain, 16 France, 9 Cayman Islands, 6 Sweden, 5 Australia and New Zealand, 4 Germany, Marshall Islands, and Poland, 3 Belgium, and Netherlands, 2 Austria, Antigua and Barbuda, Finland, Norway, and Switzerland, and 1 from Barbados, Croatia, Denmark, Ireland (Éire), Italy, Japan, Nouvelle Calédonie, Panama, Singapore, South Africa, and Spain. Passengers, excluding those aboard private yachts, have been carried on 48 transits but only 6 (numbers 74, 75, 122, 175, 203, and 218) were otherwise commercial voyages. Several of the vessels have travelled through the Panama Canal and circumnavigated North America, a few have circum­navigated all America, and others have circumnavigated the Arctic Ocean by also using the Northeast Passage from or to the Pacific Ocean. Captain Viktor Vasiliev has commanded 8 transits, Heinz Aye, Piotr Golikov and David Scott Cowper 6, and Thilo Natke 5; several others have commanded more than one.

An analysis of the transit routes used through the Northwest Passage to the end of navigation in 2013 shows:

Route 1    west   3 east   0  total   3             Route 2             west 11  east   4 total   15
Route 3    west 35  east 28   total 63              Route 4             west 31  east 10  total   41
Route 5    west 21  east 30   total 51              Route 6             west 14  East 28 total 42
Route 7    west   0 east 3  total   3             Composite         west   1 east   1 total     2 [marked ‘Cp’ in list]
All Routes         west 117 east 103   total 220

The list is in alphabetical order of vessel names in the years of completion of the voyages (the voyage numbers do not indicate precedence). Superscript numbers in the list are cumulative numbers of voyages, commands, flags, etc.

Sources include a compilation by Thomas Pullen and Charles Swithinbank published in Polar Record (1991), with advice from Lawson Brigham (USCG), Peter Capelotti (USCG), David Cowper (Fort Ross visits), David Fletcher, Chris Havern (USCG), Brian McDonald (CCG), John MacFarlane, Peter Semotiuk, Tony Soper, Patrick Toomey (CCG), and Victor Wejer, personal observations made during several transits with Quark expeditions, many publications, advice from persons directly involved and several internet sites. Advice of subsequent voyages, corrections and additions, or similar details is appreciated.

Year   Vessel                                                      Flag                  Master                                                   Route


1     Gjøa (21 m auxiliary sloop)                         Norway1             Roald Engelbregt Gravning Amundsen        West 4

Wintered twice in Gjøa Haven and once off King Point



2     St Roch1 (29∙7 m RCMP auxiliary schooner)   Canada1             Henry Asbjørn Larsen1                              East 6

Wintered at Walker Bay and Pasley Bay, traversed Pond Inlet



3     St Roch2 (RCMP auxiliary schooner)             Canada2             Henry Asbjørn Larsen2                              West 2

Return voyage, first transit in one season, traversed Pond Inlet



4     HMCS Labrador (icebreaker)                       Canada3             Owen Connor Struan Robertson                 West 2

First continuous circumnavigation of North America



5     USCGC Bramble (buoy tender)                    United States1     Henry Hart Carter                                    East 6

6     USCGC Spar (buoy tender)                         United States2     Charles Vinal Cowing                              East 6

7     USCGC Storis (icebreaker)                          United States3     Harold Lambert Wood                              East 6

Travelled in convoy, Storis escorted Bramble and Spar, accompanied by HMCS Labrador from Bellot Strait



8     CCGS John A. McDonald (icebreaker)           Canada4             Paul Moise Fournier                                West 3

Assisted USCGC Northwind beset 900 km N off Point Barrow with damaged propeller, circumnavigated North America



9     USCGC Northwind1 (icebreaker)                   United States4     Donald J. McCann1                                  East 5

10   USCGC Northwind2 (icebreaker)                   United States5     Donald J. McCann2                                  West 3

Earliest return voyage in one season1, to and from Thule in Greenland, escorted Manhattan for part of westbound voyage

11   USCGC Staten Island (icebreaker)                 United States6     Eugene F. Walsh                                     East 2

Escorted oil tanker Manhattan on return voyage from Point Barrow



12   CSS Baffin (research icebreaker)                    Canada5             Paul M. Brick                                         East 2

13   CSS Hudson1 (research icebreaker)                 Canada6             David W. Butler                                     East 2

Hudson made the first circumnavigation of the Americas, Baffin accompanied Hudson through the Northwest Passage



14   Pandora II (hydrographic research vessel)       Canada7             R. Dickinson                                          East 7

15   Theta (research vessel)                                 Canada8             K. Maro                                                 East 7

Travelled in company

16   CSS Skidgate (buoy tender)                         Canada9             Peter Kallis                                            East 6



17   CCGS J. E. Bernier1 (icebreaker)                  Canada10            Paul Pelland                                           East 3



18   Williwaw (13 m sloop)                               Netherlands1       Willy de Roos                                        West 4

Single-handed after Gjøa Haven, continued to circumnavigate the Americas



19   CCGS Pierre Radisson (icebreaker)               Canada11                   Patrick Robert Michael Toomey                 East 2



20   J. E. Bernier II (10 m ketch)                                    Canada12                   Réal Bouvier                                          West 4

Wintered in Holsteinborg, Resolute, and Tuktoyaktuk



21   Canmar Kigoriak (icebreaker)                       Canada13                   C. Cunningham                                      West 2

22   CCGS Louis S. St Laurent (icebreaker)          Canada14                   George Burdock                                      West 2

Circumnavigated North America



23   CCGS J. E. Bernier2 (icebreaker)                  Canada15            E. Chasse                                               East 4

24   Pandora II (hydrographic survey vessel)         Canada16            Robin A. Jones                                       East 4

Both vessels circumnavigated North America



25   CSS Hudson2 (research icebreaker)                 Canada17                   Frederick Mauger                                     East 3

Circumnavigated North America



26   Mermaid (15 m sloop)                                Japan                 Kenichi Horie                                         West 6

First single-handed voyage1, wintered in Resolute and Tuktoyaktuk


27   Arctic Shiko (tug)                                       Canada18                   S. Dool                                                 East 3

28   Polar Circle (research vessel)                       Canada19                   J. A. Strand                                            East 4



29   Lindblad Explorer1 (ice strengthened ship)      Sweden1             Hasse Nilsson                                         West 4

First passenger1 voyage



30   USCGC Polar Sea1 (icebreaker)                    United States7     John T. Howell                                       West 2

Accompanied by CCGS John A. McDonald for part of voyage

31      World Discoverer1 (ice strengthened ship)    Singapore1          Heinz Aye1                                             East 6

Carried passengers2, traversed Pond Inlet



32   Canmar Explorer II (drilling ship)                Canada20                   Ronald Colby                                         West 3

Reached Beaufort Sea for oil drilling programme from 1976 until completed transit



33   Belvedere (18 m yacht)                                United States8     Sven Johansson                                       East 6

Reached Tuktoyaktuk 1983, conducted whaling research to 1987, completed transit in 1988, traversed Pond Inlet



34   Vagabond II1 (12·8 m yacht)                                    France1              Janusz Kurbiel (1985-87) and

Wojciech Jacobson (1988)         East 6

Wintered in Tuktoyaktuk and twice in Gjøa Haven (where changed masters), circumnavigated North America



35   CCGS Henry A. Larsen (icebreaker)              Canada21                   Stephen A. Gomes                                   East 5

36   CCGS Martha L. Black (icebreaker)              Canada22            Robert J. Mellis1                                     East 5

Circumnavigated North America

37   USCGC Polar Star1 (icebreaker)                   United States9     Paul A. Taylor                                        East 3

Accompanied by CCGS Sir John Franklin to Demarcation Point

38   Society Explorer2 (ice strengthened ship)         Bahamas1           Heinz Aye2                                                  East 5

Carried passengers3, traversed Pond Inlet [formerly Lindblad Explorer]



39   Mabel E. Holland (12∙8 m lifeboat)               Britain1              David Scott Cowper1                                West 6

Single-handed voyage2, vessel wintered at Fort Ross twice, and at Inuvik



40   Northanger (15 m ketch)                             Britain2              Richard Thomas1                                     West 4

Wintered in Inuvik



41   USCGC Polar Star2 (icebreaker)                   United States10    Robert Hammond                                                West 3

Accompanied by CCGS Sir John Franklin to Demarcation Point



42   Ikaluk1 (icebreaker)                                      Canada23                   R. Cormier1                                            East 3

Reached Beaufort Sea in 1983, where worked to 1990 when completed transit



43   CCGC Terry Fox (icebreaker)                       Canada24                   Peter Kimmerley                                     East 3

44   USCGC Polar Sea2 (icebreaker)                    United States11    Joseph J. McCleland                                West 3

Accompanied by CCGS Pierre Radisson to Demarcation Point



45   Canmar Tugger (tug)                                  Canada25                   L. Lorengeek                                          East 3



46   Frontier Spirit1 (ice strengthened ship)           Bahamas2           Heinz Aye3                                             West 3

Carried passengers4, traversed Pond Inlet

47   Ikaluk2 (icebreaker)                                      Canada26                   R. Cormier2                                                West 3

48   Kapitan Khlebnikov1 (icebreaker)                   Russia1              Piotr Golikov1                                        East 3

Carried passengers5



49   Dagmar Aaen1 (27 m yacht)                         Germany1           Arved Fuchs                                           West 5

50   Frontier Spirit2 (ice strengthened ship)           Bahamas3           Heinz Aye4                                                  West 3

Carried passengers6

51   Kapitan Khlebnikov2 (icebreaker)                   Russia2              Piotr Golikov2                                        East 3

Carried passengers7



52   Hanseatic1 (ice strengthened ship)                 Bahamas4           Hartwig van Harling1                                West 3

Carried passengers8

53   Itasca (converted tug)                                  Britain3              Allan Jouning                                         East 4

54   Kapitan Khlebnikov3 (icebreaker)                   Russia3              Piotr Golikov3                                        East 3

55   Kapitan Khlebnikov4 (icebreaker)                   Russia4              Piotr Golikov4                                        West 2

Return voyage in one season2, carried passengers9 & 10



56   CCGS Arctic Ivik1 (icebreaker)                      Canada27                   Norman Thomas2                                                East 5

57   CCGS Arctic Ivik2 (icebreaker)                      Canada28                   Robert J. Mellis2                                     West 5

Return voyage in one season3, to and from Kap York

58   Canmar Ikaluk3 (icebreaker)                          Canada29            D. Connolly                                           East 3

[formerly Ikaluk]

59   Canmar Miscaroo (icebreaker)                      Canada30                   D. W. Harris                                          East 3

60   Dove III (8∙5 m yacht)                                 Canada31                   Winston Bushnell                                               East 3

61   Hrvatska Cigra (19∙8 m yacht)                     Croatia              Mladan Sutej                                          West 5

62   Kapitan Khlebnikov5 (icebreaker)                   Russia5              Viktor Vasiliev1                                      East 5

Carried passengers11



63   Arctic Circle (tug)                                      Canada32            Jack McCormack                                     East 3

64   Canmar Supplier II (cargo vessel)                 Canada33                   P. Dunderdale                                         East 3

65   Hanseatic2 (ice strengthened ship)                 Bahamas5           Hartwig van Harling2                                West 3

Carried passengers12, grounded in Simpson Strait, escorted by CCGS Henry A. Larsen to Victoria Strait, traversed Pond Inlet

66   Kapitan Dranitsyn1 (icebreaker)                    Russia6              Oleg Agafonov                                        East 5

Carried passengers13

67   CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier (icebreaker)          Canada34                   Norman Thomas3                                                East 5

Escorted by CCGS Louis S. St Laurent for part of voyage, traversed Pond Inlet



68   Alex Gordon (tug)                                      Canada35                   Paul Misata                                            East 5

Escorted by CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier to Franklin Strait and then CCGS Pierre Radisson

69   Hanseatic3 (ice strengthened ship)                 Bahamas6           Heinz Aye5                                             West 3

Carried passengers14, escorted to Victoria Strait by CCGS Henry A. Larsen, traversed Pond Inlet

70   Kapitan Khlebnikov6 (icebreaker)                   Russia7              Viktor Vasiliev2                                      East 3

Carried passengers15

71   Supplier (tug)                                            Bahamas7           Allan Guenter                                         East 5

Escorted by CCGS Terry Fox to Victoria Strait



72   Hanseatic4 (ice strengthened ship)                 Bahamas8           Heinz Aye6                                             East 3

Carried passengers16, escorted to Victoria Strait by CCGS Sir John Franklin, traversed Pond Inlet

73   Kapitan Khlebnikov7 (icebreaker)                   Russia8              Piotr Golikov5                                        East 3

Carried passengers17



74   Admiral Makarov (icebreaker)                       Russia9              Vadim Kholodenko                                  East 3

75   Irbis (tug)                                                 Russia10             Aleksandr Aleksenko                                East 3

Travelled in convoy each towing a component of a steel floating dock, Korea to Caribbean

76   Kapitan Dranitsyn2 (icebreaker)                    Russia11             Viktor Terekhov1                                     West 3

Carried passengers18, circumnavigated the Arctic1

77   Ocean Search (12∙5 m yacht)                        France2              Olivier Pitras1                                            East 6

Traversed Pond Inlet



78   Evohe (25 m yacht)                                     New Zealand1      Stephen Kafka                                         East 6

79   Hanseatic5 (ice strengthened ship)                 Bahamas9           Thilo Natke1                                              West 3

Carried passengers19, traversed Pond Inlet

80   USCGC Healy1 (icebreaker)                          United States12    Jeffrey M. Garrett                         West 3

81   Kapitan Dranitsyn3 (icebreaker)                    Russia12             Viktor Terekhov2                                     West 3

Carried passengers20, circumnavigated the Arctic2

82   Nadon (17·7 m RCMP catamaran)                Canada36                   Kenneth Burton                                       East 6

Voyage to commemorate St Roch 1940-42 transit; circumnavigated North America

83   Simon Fraser (icebreaker)                            Canada37                               Robert J. Mellis3                         East 6

Escorted Nadon



84   Kapitan Khlebnikov8 (icebreaker)                   Russia13             Viktor Vasiliev3                                      East 3

85   Kapitan Khlebnikov9 (icebreaker)                   Russia14             Viktor Vasiliev4                                        West 1

Return voyage in one season4, carried passengers21 & 22

86   Northabout (14∙9 m yacht)                           Ireland (Éire)       Jarlath Cunnane                                       West 4

Circumnavigated the Arctic3

87   Turmoil1 (46 m motor yacht)                                    Cayman Islands1  Philip Walsh                                          West 4

Traversed Pond Inlet


88   Nuage (12∙8 m yacht)                                  France3              Michèle Demai                                        East 5

Complement of mother and daughter, wintered in Cambridge Bay



89   Apostol Andrey (16∙2 m yacht)                      Russia15             Nikolay A. Litau                                     East 5

Assisted by CCGS Louis S. St Laurent through Prince Regent Inlet, circumnavigated the Arctic4

90   Arctic Kalvik (icebreaker tug)                        Barbados            Sanjeev Kumar                                        East 3

91   Hanseatic6 (ice strengthened ship)                 Bahamas10          Thilo Natke2                                           West 3

Carried passengers23, traversed Pond Inlet

92   Kapitan Khlebnikov10 (icebreaker)                  Russia16             Piotr Golikov6                                           East 3

Carried passengers24

93   Sedna IV (51 m yacht)                                 Canada38                   Stéphan Guy                                           West 5



94   Bremen3 (ice strengthened ship)                     Bahamas11          Daniel Felgner                                        West 3

Carried passengers25, traversed Pond Inlet [formerly Frontier Spirit]

95   USCGC Healy2 (icebreaker)                          United States13    Daniel Oliver                                          West 3

96   Kapitan Khlebnikov11 (icebreaker)                  Russia17             Viktor Vasiliev5                                              East 5

Carried passengers26

97   Norwegian Blue (12∙9 m yacht)                    Britain4              Andrew Wood                                        East 5

Traversed Pond Inlet

98   Vagabond2 (15·3 m yacht)                           France4              Eric Brossier                                           East 5

Traversed Pond Inlet, circumnavigated the Arctic5 [formerly Vagabond II]



99   Dagmar Aaen2 (27 m yacht)                         Germany2           Arved Fuchs2                                          East 5

Wintered in Cambridge Bay, assisted by CCGS Louis S. St Laurent, traversed Pond Inlet; circumnavigated the Arctic6

100 Polar Bound1 (14·6 m motorboat)                 Britain5              David Scott Cowper2                                          East 5

Single-handed voyage3, wintered in Cambridge Bay, assisted by CCGS Louis S. St Laurent in Prince Regent Inlet



101 Kapitan Khlebnikov12 (icebreaker)                  Russia18             Pavel Ankudinov1                                    East 5

Carried passengers27



102 Fine Tolerance (13·7 m yacht)                      Australia1           Philip Hogg                                           East 6

Wintered in Cambridge Bay, assisted by CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier and CCGS Louis S. St Laurent through Bellot Strait



103 Idlewild (17∙3 m motorboat)                         Canada39                   Benjamin Grey                                        East 6

Assisted by CCGS Sir Wilfrid Laurier and CCGS Louis S. St Laurent through Bellot Strait

104 Kapitan Khlebnikov13 (icebreaker)                  Russia19             Viktor Vasiliev6                                        East 3

105 Kapitan Khlebnikov14 (icebreaker)                  Russia20             Viktor Vasiliev7                                      West 3

Return voyage in one season5, carried passengers28 eastbound

106 Oden (icebreaker)                                        Sweden2             Anders Wikström                                                West 3



107 Minke I (12·8 m yacht)                                Canada40                   Peter Brook                                            East 6

Wintered in Tuktoyaktuk and in Cambridge Bay twice



108 Bremen4 (ice-strengthened ship)                     Bahamas12               Marc Behrend1                                        West 4

Carried passengers29, traversed Pond Inlet

109 Kapitan Khlebnikov15 (icebreaker)                  Russia21             Pavel Ankudinov2                                    East 7

Carried passengers30

110 Nekton (13·6 m yacht)                                 Poland1              Tadeusz Natanek                                     West 6

111 Stary (13·5 m yacht)                                   Poland2              Dominik Bac, Jacek Wacławski, and

Sławek Skalmierski                          West 6

Travelled in company, traversed Pond Inlet (changed masters at Cambridge Bay and Tuktoyaktuk)



112 Babouche (7·5 m catamaran)             France5              Sébastien Roubinet                                  East 5

113 Cloud Nine (17·3 m ketch)                          United States14    Roger Swanson                                       West 4

114 Hanseatic7 (ice strengthened ship)                 Bahamas13          Ulf Wolter1                                             West 5

Carried passengers31

115 Kapitan Khlebnikov16 (icebreaker)                  Russia22             Viktor Vasiliev8                                      East 5

Carried passengers32

116 Luck Dragon (12·1 m yacht)                                    Britain6              Jeffrey Allison                                         West 3

Vessel abandoned and lost during a storm in Bering Sea



117 Arctic Wanderer (11∙9 m yacht)                    United States15    Gary E. Ramos                                       East 6

Single-handed voyage4, wintered in Cambridge Bay thrice



118 Amodino (23 m yacht)                                 Spain                Juan Ribos                                             East 4

119 Baloum Gwen1 (14·9 m yacht)                      Belgium1                 Thierry Fabing1                                       West 4

120 Berrimilla (10 m yacht)                               Australia2           Alexander Whitworth                               East 4

121 Bremen5 (ice-strengthened ship)                     Bahamas14               Ulf Wolter2                                                 West 5

Carried passengers33

122 Peter Faber (cable layer)                              France6              Robert Hansen                                        East 3

123 Geraldine (14 m yacht)                               United States16    Walter Jones                                           West 3

124 Southern Star (23·7m yacht)                                    France7              Olivier Pitras2                                         West 4

125 Tyhina (10·4 m yacht)                                 New Zealand2      Peter Elliott                                            West 4



126 Apoise (67 m motor vessel)                          Canada41                   David Ritchie                                         West 4

127 Bagan (17·4 m motorboat)                           United States17    Clinton Bolton                                       West 4

128 Bremen6 (ice-strengthened ship)                     Bahamas15               Marc Behrend2                                        West 4

Carried passengers34, traversed Pond Inlet

129 Baloum Gwen2 (14·9m yacht)                       Belgium2           Thierry Fabing2                                       East 6

Return voyage

130 Fleur Australe (20 m yacht)                         France8              Philippe Poupon                                     West 4

131 Fiona (12·8 m yacht)                                  United States18    Eric Forsyth                                           West 4

132 Glory of the Sea (15·3 m yacht)                    France9              Charles Hedrich                                       West 4

133 Hanseatic8 (ice-strengthened ship)                 Bahamas16               Thilo Natke3                                           East 4

Carried passengers35, voyage included a return transit of Bellot Strait from Peel Sound

134 Ocean Watch (19·2 m yacht)                        United States19    Mark Schrader                                         East 6

135 Perithia (14·6 m yacht)                               Germany3           Uwe Wohnort                                         West 4

136 Polar Bound2 (14·6 m motorboat)                 Britain7              David Scott Cowper3                                    West 5

Single-handed voyage5

137 Precipice (9·1 m yacht)                               United States20    Rolland Trowbridge                                 West 6

138 Silent Sound (12·2 m yacht)                         Canada42                   Cameron Dueck                                       East 6

Traversed Pond Inlet



139 Ariel IV (15·2 m sloop)                               Sweden3             Eric Boye                                               West 4

140 Astral Express (12·5 m yacht)                      New Zealand3      Graeme Kendall                                       West 3

Single handed voyage6

141 Dione Sky2 (46 m motor yacht)                     Cayman Islands2  Brian Harrison                                        West 2

[formerly Turmoil]

142 Hanse Explorer1 (48 m motor yacht)              Antigua and

Barbuda1         Bernd Buchner                                        West 3

Carried Passengers36, traversed Pond Inlet

143 Hanseatic9 (ice-strengthened ship)                 Bahamas17          Thilo Natke4                                           West 4

Carried Passengers37, traversed Pond Inlet

144 Kapitan Khlebnikov17 (icebreaker)                  Russia23             Anatoliy Kovalenko                                 East 5

Carried passengers38

145 Octopus1 (128 m motor yacht)                      Cayman Islands3  Glenn Dalby1                                          West 2

Traversed Pond Inlet

146 Rx II (11 m yacht)                                      Norway2             Trond Aasvoll                                        East 4

147 Sarema (15·2 m yacht)                                Finland1             Pekka Kauppila                                       East 4

Traversed Pond Inlet

148 Solanus (14·5 m yacht)                               Poland3              Bronisław Radliński                                West 4

149 T6 (48·5 m motor yacht)                             Cayman Islands4  John Spencer (?)                                      West 3

Traversed Pond Inlet

150 Young Larry (13·4 m yacht)                         Britain8              Andrew Wilkes                                       West 4



151 Anna (10·5 m ketch)                                   Sweden4             Börje Ivarsson1                                        West 4

Wintered in Inuvik



152 Arcadia (35·8 m motor yacht)                      Cayman Islands5  James Pizzaruso                                      West 5

Traversed Pond Inlet

153 Asteria (converted tug)                                Marshall Islands1 Donald Feil                                            West 3

154 Bremen7 (ice-strengthened ship)                     Bahamas18          Marc Behrend3                                        East Cp

Composite course: McClure Strait, Prince of Wales Strait, and then route 4; carried passengers39

155 Chamade (13·3 m yacht)                             Switzerland1       Marc Decrey                                           West 4

156 Imvubu, (15·9 m ketch)                               South Africa       Ralf Dominick,                                       West 3

157 Issuma (15 m schooner)                               Canada43                   Richard Hudson                                      West 5

158 Kotuku (12·2 m yacht)                                New Zealand4      Ian Douglass                                           East 6

159 Leava (12·5 m sloop)                                  France10             Alain Bataedat                                        East 6

160 Muktuk (14·3 m sloop)                                Austria1             Karl Mayer                                             West 4

161 Pangaeas (35 m yacht)                                United States21    Michael Horn                                          East 4

162 Polar Bound3 (14·6 m. motorboat)                Britain9              David Scott Cowper4                                    East 3

163 Rus (7·6 m trimaran)                                   Russia24                         Oleg Volynkin                                        West 5

164 St Brendan (8·2 m yacht)                             United States22    Matt Rutherford                                       West 3

Single-handed voyage7, circumnavigated the Americas

165 Santa Maria Australis (20·1 ketch)               Germany4           Wolf Kloss                                             West 4



166 Roxane (10·7 m sloop)                                France11             Luc Dupont                                            West 4

167 Teleport (8∙9 junk rigged yacht)                    Australia3           Christopher Bray                                                 West 5

Both wintered in Cambridge Bay



168 Belzebub II (9∙4 m yacht)                             Sweden5             Edvin Buregren                                       West 1

Also visited Grise Fjord

169 Beothuk (31∙1 m motor vessel)                      Cayman Islands6  Liam Devlin                                           West 6

170 Best Explorer (15∙6 m yacht)                        Italy                  Giovanni Acquarone                                 West 4

171 Billy Budd (34∙3 m)                                                Britain10             Clive Shute                                            West Cp

Made a return transit of Bellot Strait, visited Winter Harbour.

172 Coriolis 14 (25 m yacht)                             France12             Richard Mergeaux                                    West 2

173 Dodo’s Delight1 (10∙1 m yacht)                     Britain11             Robert Shepton                                       West 5

174 Fortrus (50 m motor yacht)                         Britain12             Scott Newson                                         West 6

175 Gotland Carolina (183 m tanker)                  Bahamas19          J. Justin                                                 West 2

Carried a commercial hydrocarbon cargo

176 Hanseatic10 (ice-strengthened ship)                Bahamas20          Thilo Natke5                                              East 5

Carried passengers40, circumnavigated Cornwallis Island

177 Jonathan III (14∙9 m yacht)                          Netherlands2       Mark van de Weg                                                West 4

Made a return transit of Bellot Strait, traversed Pond Inlet

178 Katharsis II (21∙9 m yacht)                          Britain13             Mariusz Koper                                        West 3

Made a return transit of Bellot Strait

   179 Marguerite (15∙8 m. sloop)                          France13             Janusz Kurbiel                                        West 4

   180 Nordwind (26∙8 m yacht)                             Britain14             Hans Albrecht                                         West 3

Made a return transit of Bellot Strait

181 Octopus2 (128 m motor yacht)                      Cayman Islands7  Glenn Dalby2                                          West 2

   182 Philos1 (15∙2 m yacht)                                 Australia4           Roger Wallis1                                         West 4

183 Polar Bound4 (14·6 m. motorboat)                Britain15             David Scott Cowper5                                          West 1

184 Sol (12∙8 m yacht)                                      Denmark            Kim Bork Mathiesen                                East 5

185 The World (196∙3 m condominium vessel)     Bahamas21          Dag Harald Saevik                                   East 5

Carried resident passengers41; traversed Pond Inlet

186 Tokimata (13∙1 m yacht)                              New Zealand5         Peter Garden                                           East 5

Traversed Pond Inlet

187 Upchuk (15∙8 m motor yacht)                       Britain16             Frank Rothwell                                       East 4



188 Balthazar (10∙5 m yacht)                             Canada44            Guy Lavoie                                            West 6

Wintered at Inuvik

189 Tranquillo (17∙6 m yacht)                            Netherlands3       Bart Veldink                                           East 5

Wintered off Pim Island


190 Anna (10·5 m ketch)                                   Sweden6             Pelle Ivarsson                                         East 6

191 Arktika (15 m sloop)                                   Finland2             Gilles Elkaim                                         West 5

192 Bremen8 (ice-strengthened ship)                     Bahamas22          Roman Obrist                                         East 3

Carried passengers42; assisted by CGCS Henry Larsen

193 d’Acalèphe (13∙9 yacht)                               Canada45            Jean-Gilles Lemieux                                 West 5

194 Dodo’s Delight2 (10∙1 m yacht)                     Britain17             Robert Shepton2                                       East 5

195 Hanse Explorer2 (48 m motor yacht)              Antigua and

Barbuda2         Jens Köthen                                            West 5

Carried passengers43

196 Hanseatic11 (ice-strengthened ship)                Bahamas23          Mark Behrend4                                        West 5

Carried passengers44, traversed Pond Inlet

197 Isatis (14∙2 m yacht)                                   Nouvelle

Calédonie        Jean-Pierre Levie                                     West 5

198 La Belle Epoque (12∙8 m yacht)                    Austria2             Jürgen Kirchberger                                   West 5

199 Lady M II (50 m motor yacht)                      Marshall Islands2 Jim Bulman                                           West 5

Carried passengers45; assisted by CGCS Henry Larsen, traversed Pond Inlet

200 Le Soléal (cruise vessel)                              France14             Etienne Garcia1                                        West 6

Carried passengers46

201 Libellule (14∙3 m catamaran)                        Switzerland2       Philip Cottier                                         West 5

202 Michaela Rose (49∙4 m motor yacht)              Britain18             Tom Noorman                                        East 5

Assisted by CGCS Henry Larsen

203 Nordic Orion (225 m ice-strengthened           Panama              Sergey Danilov                                       East 3

bulk cargo vessel) Conveyed 73 000 tonnes of coal from Vancouver to Finland; previously transited the Norteast Passage

circumnavigated the Arctic7; largest ship to transit; escorted by CCGS Louis S. St Laurent in Peel Sound

   204 Octopus3 (128 m motor yacht)                      Cayman Islands8  Jannek Olsson                                         East 5

205 Perd pas le Nord (15·2 m yacht)                   Belgium3           Nicolas Mouchart                                                West 6

Traversed Pond Inlet

   206 Polar Bound5 (14·6 m. motor boat)               Britain19             David Scott Cowper6                                          East 5

Traversed Pond Inlet

207 Traversay III (13∙7 m yacht)                         Canada46            Larry Roberts                                          West 5

Assisted by CGCS Henry Larsen


208 Empiricus (15∙2 m ketch)                             United States23    Jesse Osborn                                           East 6

209 Gitana (13∙4 m schooner)                            United States24    Michael Johnson                                     West 6

Both wintered in Cambridge Bay

210 Le Manguier (21∙1 m motor vessel)               France15             Philippe Hercher                                      East 6

Wintered in Paulatuk


211 Altan Girl (13∙4 m motor vessel)                  Canada47            Erkan Gursoy                                          East 6

Single handed voyage8, rescued by USCG Healy off Point Barrow, assisted by Tandberg Polar through Bellot Strait

212 Arctic Tern (13∙1 m sloop)                           Britain20             Leslie Parsons                                         West 6

213 Le Boréal (cruise vessel)                              France16             Etienne Garcia2                                        West 3

Carried passengers47

214 Drina (16∙8 m ketch)                                  Australia5           Michael Thurston                                                West 6

215 Lady Dana (14∙3∙m sloop)                           Poland4              Ryszard Wojnowski                                 East 6

216 Latitude (44∙5 m motor yacht)                      Cayman Islands9  Sean Meagher                                         West 6

217 Novara (18∙3 m schooner)                            Britain21             Stephen Brown                                       West 6

218 Nunavik (189 m ice-strengthened                   Marshall Islands3 Randy Rose                                            West 2

bulk cargo vessel)                                                                        Carried 23 000 tonnes of nickel concentrate to China

219 Silver Explorer (cruise vessel)                       Bahamas24               Alexander Golubev                                  West 5

Carried passengers48, assisted by CCGC Pierre Radison

220 Triton (50 m motor vessel)                          Marshall Islands4 Paul Jones                                              East 6

Vessels underway but wintering in 2014-15


Rowing Ice (7 m rowing boat)                             France               Charles Hedrich                                       East ?

Wintered at Tuktoyaktuk and Taloyoak


Gjøa (13∙1 m yacht)                                          Canada              Glen Bainbridge                                      West 6

Philos2 (15∙2 m schooner)                                  Australia            Roger Wallis2                                         East ?

Both wintered at. Cambridge Bay

Notes: Several vessels, including recent small craft have traversed the Canadian Arctic archipelago, Beaufort Sea and Chukchi Sea. Those which did not transit Bering Strait nor enter the Pacific Ocean are not included in this list, although most circumnavigated the Arctic Ocean.  Many other voyages have been made through the archipelago of the Canadian Arctic, notably that of the experimental oil tanker Manhattan and escort vessels which reached the Arctic coast of Alaska in 1969 from the Atlantic Ocean, but did not continue to the Pacific Ocean. Such voyages, and one where the vessel carried partly as deck cargo aboard a Canadian icebreaker, are also not regarded as complete transits of the Northwest Passage. Incomplete transits are too numerous to list.

Data: the list is subject to revision when improved information is received. Advice of corrections and additions is always appreciated; <>, . A copy of the latest iteration is available from the same source.


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