Clean Water Transfer System by Capt. Osborn

One of the great conserns in sailing history, is water. Good clean water. Many voyages have been doomed by tainted water supplies, contributing to sickness and obviously dehydration.

Of course the modern answer to this dilemma is to purchase or build a “Water-maker” or reverse osmosis membrane, fed by a high pressure pump.

There are many arguments for and against water-makers.
Some that stand out for me are:
1. Cost. A good water-maker with back flush system will cost thousands. Not to mention the power use, pre filter maintenance and eventual replacement.
2. Space. Making room for pumps, plumbing and pre filters takes valuable space. Especially when you cant just store it. But must access it for maintenance.
3. Complexity. So many sailboats these days carry as many automated systems as a small city. Even if you have the time, money and skill to repair it all. these supposed luxuries cut into the enjoyment of sailing.
4. False security “Sure guys take a shower. Ill just fill up the tank.” “Oh woops its broken and the parts come from china. I hope they can deliver with a helicopter.” “Hows that bilge water taste?”

I joke a little here. But relying on gadgets builds complacency.

For my uses, simplicity wins the argument.

But I’d still like to get the best water I can. Wether it be from the city float, a garden hose or a pond. Here was my solution.

Skid mounted fresh water filter and 12 volt pump with long power leads.
Skid mounted fresh water filter and 12 volt pump with long power leads.

I bought a Hardware Store quality water transfer pump that runs on 12 volts and accepts garden hose fittings.

I mounted it on a 4″ Aluminum, scrap skid plate. Which I painted to prevent corrosion.

Below thatI drilled 4 holes and served bungee material in 2 loops. Under the loops, I slid a household Culligan water settling bowl and filter. the filter is plumbed to recieve 3/4 inch hose from the pump, or a shoreside supply.

The pump can use any length hose desired (within reason) for suction.

In the Northwest Passage, we will be collecting fresh water from the melting flows. As well as land based sources. This versatile pump can be used as the complete system. Or just as a filtration pump when taking water into the ships tanks.

This concept is identical in concept, to the fuel transfer system mentioned before. Which will be configured just as this water system.

Total cost $100.00.

Note the spigot for delivery
Note the spigot for delivery

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