Captains Log

Captains log. Friday. 08/08/2014 0018 hrs. We have been underway continually since departing Cambridge Bay, Wednesday evening. The weather has been stable, cold and blowing from the NW 10-20 mph the entire time, besides a temporary SW shift on Thursday. It is near or below freezing outside right now and I’ve just come off shift. […]

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TRADING FIRE FOR ICE July 10, When fellow sailor and explorer Mark Nelson, dropped me off at the airport in Juneau. I took a deep breath. After checking my 3 enormous bags in, and passing through security, I sat in a chair and tried to relax. This was it. If I did not have it […]


Shaking loose of the grid.

At this moment, from my warm, cozy chair on this Alaska Airlines jet, I am looking down at the floor of this world. I lack for no comfort here. Hot coffee was just served right to my chair. I am not even required to throw away my own trash. When they take my trash, the […]

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