Captains Log

Captains log. Friday. 08/08/2014 0018 hrs. We have been underway continually since departing Cambridge Bay, Wednesday evening. The weather has been stable, cold and blowing from the NW 10-20 mph the entire time, besides a temporary SW shift on Thursday. It is near or below freezing outside right now and I’ve just come off shift. […]

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TRADING FIRE FOR ICE July 10, When fellow sailor and explorer Mark Nelson, dropped me off at the airport in Juneau. I took a deep breath. After checking my 3 enormous bags in, and passing through security, I sat in a chair and tried to relax. This was it. If I did not have it […]


Shaking loose of the grid.

At this moment, from my warm, cozy chair on this Alaska Airlines jet, I am looking down at the floor of this world. I lack for no comfort here. Hot coffee was just served right to my chair. I am not even required to throw away my own trash. When they take my trash, the […]

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Blades of the Northwest Passage

Blades of the Northwest Passage. The Northwest Passage is a fascinating place, to say the least. I remember reading numerous accounts of early exploration, specifically Roald Amundsen’s account of this place. He was Captain of the Gjoa. The first boat to sail through the Northwest Passage. Amunsdsen was successful in this for many reasons. I […]

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SV “?????????” is nearly complete

Dan is putting the final touches on the Eastport, “Passage Maker” Pram. His hard work in building this fine little vessel is a major contribution to our trip through the Northwest Passage.

This little pram will be our workhorse. Hauling fuel, food, water and of course “Us” to and from land. It will carry a triple reefed sailing lug rig that is simple to set up and use.

The boat can also be rowed by one person. Early explorers used small launches like these almost daily, to scout out anchorages, take soundings and gather provisions.

A name has been chosen and will be announced, during a launching ceremony in the near future.

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