Captain Osborn’s Winter Class Schedule

Custom winter classes by Captain Osborn.
This winter, Captain Osborn is offering a short series of classes for the Alaskan Boater/Outdoorsman.  
“Practical Navigation” Will be an 8-hour class, taught in 2, 4 hour sessions.  Topics will include Charting, Finding your position without electronics and Integrating traditional and modern methods. Cost is $125.00 per person.  Minimum of 4 students.  Maximum of 10 students. 
Dates and Times: January 8-9 from 5 – 9 PM / Jan 10-11 5 – PM
Location: AVTEC Maritime Center, Seward AK
“Outdoor Survival” Will be a 3 day class (Friday Evening to Sunday midday.  Including a 24 hour field scenario).  The class includes; habits and preparedness, situation assessment, prioritizing focus, shelter construction, fire craft, and emergency first aid.  Cost for this class is $275.00
Dates and Times: February 8-9-10 from 6 PM on Friday – 11 AM on Sunday.
Location: Friday evening is at AVTEC Maritime Center, Seward AK.  Field location will be chosen based on class needs.
“Celestial Navigation” (Basic) Will be a full week class, consisting of 5, 3 hour evenings and 2, 5 hour field days.  Maximum students 10.  Minimum of 4.  Students should be experienced in navigation, or take “Practical Navigation” as a pre requisite for best results. 
Cost for this class is $325.00   
Dates and Times: January 21-27  Monday-Friday will be classroom from 6 – 9 PM  Sat Sun will be from 9 AM to 2 PM
Location: AVTEC Maritime Center, Seward AK
Custom classes are available.  Please email empiricusembarks@gmail.comto book these classes! 
Or call Captain Osborn at 1-888-506-2106 with any questions.


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