Were outa here!

Well, after 13 days in Nome, Crazy Logistics getting crew to and from the dock and a slew of repairs.


Empiricus Embarks for Point Barrow.

The Ice lead is thin but the South winds continue to encourage melt.

Here is Yesterdays Ice report.  The Canadian Hydrographic Survey website describes how to read the charts.

Barrow Ice July 20

As we approach Barrow you can track us, using the “Track Us” button on the home page.

When we round point Barrow, you may catch a glimpse of us on the Ice Cam. To view the Ice Cam just follow this link. http://seaice.alaska.edu/gi/observatories/barrow_webcam

Look forward to our footage of this journey this fall. We have 3 go pros, 3 quality cameras, underwater capability and audio equipment onboard. This will all become a documentary about how to chase a dream.

We have had a great time in Nome and enjoyed the very Generous hospitality of Pat and Sue Hahn. Life long Nome residents with a affinity for fellow explorers.

Thank you Pat and Sue! Maybe someday we can repay your hospitality. Regardless. Your care has been appreciated!


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