Join us in Greenland July 2015!

Joining us as a guest or crew member could be a great way to explore the lifestyle if global cruising under sail, without cutting ties to shore.

It is also a great, one of a kind vacation, like no other you can find. We tend to stay off the beaten path and you can join us for a spell!

This year we are exploring the West coast of Greenland and are opening up 2 bunks, for several portions of the journey.

The first will be a slow exploration between the mainland and Disko Island, where tidewater glaciers deposit beautiful towers of ice, into protected waters.

Departing Aasiaat 07/01/2015.
Returning to Aasiaat 07/07/2015

Disko Island, an explorers dream!
Disko Island, an explorers dream!

The second, will be a passage down the west Coast of Greenland, to Nuuk, the countries capitol.

Departing Aasiaat 07/10/2015
Arriving at Nuuk 07/17/2015

The southern west coast of Greenland
The southern west coast of Greenland

The third, will be a passage from Nuuk, through Prince Christen Sound, then across to Iceland!

Departing Nuuk 07/25/2015 making passage for Iceland as weather permits.

A romp across the North Atlantic ocean, to beautiful Iceland!
A romp across the North Atlantic ocean, to beautiful Iceland!

Varying degrees of skill will be required for all segments. But only the Disko Island segment will be catered to guests. All other segments will be working positions as crew. All passage dates and destinations are weather permitting.

contributions will be calculated by your preference (crew or guest)as well as the segment you request.

This is a rare opportunity and these slots will not last long. So if you are interested, contact us at right away!

Jesse and Samantha, SV Empiricus.


6 thoughts on “Join us in Greenland July 2015!

  1. What a fabulous idea, we’d love to do it but unfortunately both skills and stamina would be sorely lacking so we’ll have to do it vicariously by following your posts!
    Hope all is well, Love Arndt and Mandy

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Awesome! I’ll have a newborn so count me out, but I bet I’ll have a hubby will be awfully tempted to join the adventure!

  3. Yo ~ you two wanderers!
    Here’s wishing you a happy Christmas from Egypt:-

    . . . . . the Christmas tree on the marina side (here in El Gouna on the Red Sea), alongside palm trees ~ strangely incongruous!

    And yes ~ I’m definitely keen to crew for you next summer – if you’ll have me?! ( & if I’d be allowed to bring my melodeon?)
    Here’s wishing you both, & families, love & kindness – & buckets full of crazy adventures in 2015!

    Our E. Greenland Sea kayak Expedition 2014

    Stephanie Connor from Wales, UK


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