Ice Tactics by Capt. Jesse Osborn published in Ocean Navigator Magazine

I began writing a small series on Arctic Ice Tactics this fall.  Ocean Navigator Magazine has published one of the articles in the March 2015 issue.

Ocean Navigator is an all business magazine for serious sailors and we are proud to have contributed to the sailing community through this publication for the second time.



Capt. Jesse Osborn



One thought on “Ice Tactics by Capt. Jesse Osborn published in Ocean Navigator Magazine

  1. After reading your blogs, and meeting you and Samantha, I want to say that your writing about these experiences is wonderfully inspirational, and hope it kick-starts a lot of people into getting out and taking a crack at something they would otherwise feel afraid to do, keeping it inside a dream locker with thoughts of “someday”. For me, I have been a dreamer, and a wanderer, and have always put the experiences ahead of career type pursuits, so I get it, for sure. But your organized approach with complete confidence in ways that take on tasks of extremely formidable stature leaves me in the dust, a big fan! So, sail on and find your way around the world–and I hope we will catch up with you at various points along the way!

    “Always do what you are afraid to do”-Emerson

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