Shaking loose of the grid.

At this moment, from my warm, cozy chair on this Alaska Airlines jet, I am looking down at the floor of this world. I lack for no comfort here. Hot coffee was just served right to my chair. I am not even required to throw away my own trash. When they take my trash, the […]

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Safe Home

It’s just past 5 AM, here on the North Slope. I just got off nightshift, where I work as a mechanic in the winter. I’m tired. Yet I sit down this morning to write. Simply because what I have to say will not write itself. Personally I believe that the best thing we can pass […]

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Resonate on the bright side.

“Resonate” -to produce or be filled with a deep, full reverberating sound. We hear about all the ripple effects, don’t we? We hear the gossip and the drama. We as humans seem to love drama. Drama and blame. I have a theory about that. The theory goes that we tend to take the wide path […]

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A gift of time.

Its 2:30 AM here aboard Empiricus.  We are a hundred Nautical Miles East of Point Barrow.  Hugging the coast only 3 miles away. The pack ice curtains us in on the Port side, as we slowly motor in sloppy, uneasy seas. We douced all our sails a few hours ago, having sailed most of this […]

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