A change in the wind!

Its been a while my friends and I would apologize, but I’m not going to. I will however share some things that have been brewing in the crew of Empiricus. The past six years of my life, have been dedicated to completing a task, most arduous and that task is behind me now. In 2010 […]

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Mountain Top Views

Back porch views are separated from mountaintop views by a vast expanse of worthwhile sacrifice. Samantha and I had just crossed the Gulf of Alaska for the second time in a month when I had that thought. Our sailing logistics company has taken off, and we are quite busy, delivering sailboats between Seattle, Washington and […]

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If you don’t want something, you may settle for anything. But anything, could be nothing at all.

I personally hope that you WANT SOMETHING AMAZING out of this life gift you have been given. If you don’t want something, you may settle for anything that lands in your lap.   None of us really want “anything”, because anything could end up being nothing at all…..   With that in mind, I hope […]

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An amazing year of our lives!

So far this has been the most amazing year of my life. WOW! Life lived well has gained momentum and we’ve been so busy living out our plans and dreams! Because of that, I have not blogged much, and I apologize. Today I remedy that and regain traction here at Empiricusembarks. OK. Here we go! […]

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Merry Christmas!

thank you for spending this year with us aboard Empiricus!  We have enjoyed sharing and receiving your feedback as we explored the Northwest Passage.  This year will be no less amazing and we are grateful for your interest!  Merry Christmas to you all and God bless 2015! Jesse and Samantha sv Empiricus

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Liebster award nominee!

My friends from Alaskagraphy nominated Empiricusembarks for the Leibster award.  Sweet!  Thanks guys! The award nomination is continually passed on to other blogs, which stirs activity and spurs new connections among readers.  Cool! This award comes with a list of questions, put to the nominees, by the nominating party.  So here is what Alaskagraphy asked: […]

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The courage is in your moments

Who is it that speaks and is heard for eternity? The humble… The humble live on in our thoughts, our books and our stories, because they have the greatest courage of all. Though it takes great courage to face an enemy, and risk your life for another. It takes even greater courage, to face yourself […]

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What is the Northwest Passage?

I’ve been blogging about the Northwest Passage for a while now and I just realized that the details of this place have not always been in the forefront of my writing. Encyclopedia Britannica defines the “Northwest Passage” as “Northwest Passage, historical sea passage of the North American continent, representing centuries of effort to find a […]

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