The courage is in your moments

Who is it that speaks and is heard for eternity? The humble…

The humble live on in our thoughts, our books and our stories, because they have the greatest courage of all. Though it takes great courage to face an enemy, and risk your life for another. It takes even greater courage, to face yourself and risk losing what kind of man, you always hoped to be.

The reason I write this blog, is to share the fact, that each of us are capable of living an enriched, courageous life. But all to often we buy the thoughts of our neighbors, who offer advice like a rumor of ill will.

And so we follow the opinions of the masses, though we do not consider the source of our guidance.

Plainly put. Our imperfections must be intermingled with our successes. Otherwise, we are guilty of spreading an image that is intimidating and dishonest.

Although I enjoy sharing the highlights of adventure, I realize more and more, the importance of the lowlights as well.

Sailing through the Northwest Passage, was the final product, of facing a thousand small fears and a few big fears. Mingled in with hard work and learning, over a half decade.

Most importantly, as I stated in opening. I had to face myself. There was no room for pride or empty opinion. Only learning.

Here is something I learned along the way so far.

1. If you set your eyes to a goal, with burning intent, while facing the fact that you are never going to truly be ready. Then prepare yourself relentlessly, from heart to hands, in all that you do. You will step down that path deemed publicly as impossible.

2. In doing so, you will contribute to a reset, in the minds of others. A reset of perception of those who see a glimpse, that we may be created for greater causes, other then debt and death…

3. It is not year by year that we decide how we live our lives. But moment by moment.

4. If a single moment is lived well, there is no taking it back.

Consider this if you will.

If 2 men go up a mountain, each taking a hundred thousand steps in ice and snow. Facing the same cliffs and hazards. But one of the two chose to enjoy each step, for all it was, all it could be and all he could learn from it. While the other mans trip was endured. In hopes that the top, would make his “Hell” all worth while. Which one benefitted from the climb? And when they came down. Which one had good to pass on, to the other hopeful climbers? Which one will have the courage to tell the real story of fear and pressure, of joy and success? The one who faced himself at every step, thats who.

Enjoying music with my friend, in the back of my $500.00 pickup and loving it because we choose to.

Your life can be 2000 steps of pain with hopes a great moment. Or your life can be 2000 steps of joyful humility, knowing each moment is a one time gift you can never repay.

This moment was given to you, for investment.

I hope to gather courage I am lacking to spend my life well. Not in a grand stand celebration of enduring the muck. But in a billion steps of appreciation, for this gifted opportunity, to step well.

Capt. Jesse Osborn


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