A Gimbaled Astrocompass Experiment

In the spring of 2014 adapted an aircraft Astrocompass, for use at sea. https://empiricusembarks.com/2014/06/22/if-it-cannot-be-bought-it-must-be-built/ I did this by gutting an old Wood Freeman Autopilot compass, which was gimbal mounted. Then replaced the magnetic compass works, with a standard astrocompass mount. Then Samantha and I packed the works up to the Arctic, where Empiricus lay waiting […]


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2 SEASONS IN THE ARCTIC WITH “STORMR” An equipment review, by the crew of Empiricus

“STORMR” Product review from a sailors perspective. By Capt. Jesse Osborn and the crew of SV Empiricus. 2012-2014 In 2012, I was preparing to sail the fabled Northwest Passage. Having the right foul weather gear was going to be important. As I discussed this with a friend, he told me about this new company called […]

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Safe Home

It’s just past 5 AM, here on the North Slope. I just got off nightshift, where I work as a mechanic in the winter. I’m tired. Yet I sit down this morning to write. Simply because what I have to say will not write itself. Personally I believe that the best thing we can pass […]

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2 days in Kodiak

Steven and I rolled onto the ferry, and slept hard, from dock to dock… Its a good thing because the next 2 days were a whirlwind. Over 20 trips from the Potato, with 200lb plus carts at low tide. Steven earned his keep ad impresses some local fisherman with his energy and good attitude. I […]

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