Gear Testing Begins and Stormr proves itself

Testing Stormr Gear for the Northwest Passage.  Midnight, March in the Seward Harbor
Swimming is fast and easy in the Stormr gear.

A plunge into the harbor in March is no joke.  I was very surprised how well I was insulated.  Even after 5 full minutes in the water, my teeth never chattered and my hands never shook.

I climbed out and was warm immediately, even without jumping around.  The only time I was cold was when I took my gloves off and after taking off the suit and headed for the shower.  Pretty impressive seeing as I wore cotton underneath.  Usually a big No No in Alaska.

I for-see a bright future for this company.
Isaac runs his test in freezing fresh water with impressive results.

After a swim, he filles the hat with water….
And puts it on.

Isaacs prognosis = “Your Gonna Live”

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