Crew members assemble and the tender takes shape.

Steven Osborn strips wire from the pram bow for final tuning and placement.  Steven first sailed the Gulf Of Alaska when he was 6 years old and has literally grown up on and around the water.  He will be sailing from Kodiak Island to Nome this summer as crew aboard Empiricus. 

Many hands still make light work, as the tender takes shape.

Dan and Will set the transom.  Working together while waiting for the ice to melt, is key in crew adhesiveness. The team only grows stronger as the days tick down to breakup.

Talking plans and epoxies with Dan.  The hull must be light and strong.  This is no lake boat….

Many copper stitches, temporarily hold the lapstrake hull together while epoxy fills the gaps.

The pram bow adds usable hull capacity while reducing overall length.

Thinking of a name…  “Stitches” comes to mind.  As she is stitched together, piece by piece.  A common theme in this entire venture.  A patchwork of skill, effort and recourses.  Pooled together for this great gallop North. 


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