Major projects near completion.

A view of the boot dodger frame.  Cover in progress!

Old school…
The electric windlass will be replace with a block and tackle snatch system.  the anchor line and chain will be stowed aft and retrieved 9 fathoms at a time horizontally along the deck.

Captain Osborn learned to weld stainless steel and completed the roll cage project.
The cage will serve as cockpit protection, boom gallows and support for the handrails that will follow.

Roll cage in place for mounting.
A view from  astern of Empiricus.
The new battery bank. Wired and ready for use.

Copper cable is expensive.  Wire was cut from the old windlass cables to build new battery cables.
The wood and coal storage bins complete with paint.  This was a good use of the void under the port-side setee.  Mini cabinets to the front of each bin make a good use of the cabinet doors still in place

Port Foot locker complete!

The pocket on top of the foot locker will be used as a” day use” coal and wood bin.  This way the cushions need only be moved a few times per week.

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