Today is Indepe…

Today is Independence day.

Boundaries are truly in the mind.

As I lay in my bunk, I hear the water rush by my ear. Interrupted only by the hobby horse surge of the hull beneath me, the crackle of the fire, and the murmurings of my son, who plays in his bunk.

We sail directly for Nome. Nearly halfway there now, we have sailed a single tack under ideal conditions through the Bering Sea. My Partner and lover happily at the helm . A loyal crewmember resting in his bunk for the next watch. This is a happy crew indeed.

For a man like myself; who dreams with vigor and zeal… Who labors to attain them through setback after setback. These are the sweetest moments in life where; madness of preparation, dedication to training, sting of financial struggle, grind of life on land and the tension before departure simply melt into the waters around…

These are the moments that are freeze frame perfect.

As I lie in my bunk to rest now, I will smell all the smells; the fire, the food, the sea. I will hear: the creaking and groaning of the rig, the splashing rumble of the sea and the subtly meanderings of my companions. I will look around at; the varnish and paint, the brass, the glimmering light from the portholes.

I take all this in and am thankful for the opportunity, to live so richly, so boldly, so blessed, so free…

Capt. Jesse Osborn
July 4, 2013
58 Deg 27.4’ N
167 Deg 08.7’ w

I wrote this while underway in the Bering Sea last week and thought I would share what I felt.


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