Changing Seas, Changes what you See

Aloha to all the avid readers of Empricus Embarks. Thank you for your interest in our journey! Your dedication to following our exploration, adds a welcomed “umph” to our already super-charged crew. As Empiricus prepares to leave Nome, Alaska and head toward the seas of the NorthWest Passage, I would like to take this time to let you know of the change in scenery that will take place on the blog.

Having settled in Seward after sailing Empiricus to Nome, I will be updating the blog under the name “yoginiray”. I will be adding stories and photos from my portion of the journey and will update the blog as I get information from the crew as they sail toward Greenland. Don’t forget you can follow them too, by using the track feature on the site. Captain Jesse Osborn will continue to contribute as he is able, so you’re likely to see a sea of writings at some point in the next few months, with posts from both myself and the captain.

Hopefully it won’t be too confusing and the transition will be smooth, maintaining your interest in this fantastic journey that is underway. As you follow our travels, please keep us positively in your thoughts. We wish you the best on your own adventures and are glad you are sharing this adventure with us now.

Cheers to many more shared adventures!

Rachel James aka “Eva” under blogger name “yoginiray”- land-bound crew member SV Empiricus


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