The final project push!

The fresh waster system was plumbed in Pex to prevent freeze breakage. 

Dipping hose in boiling water makes fitting to a hose barb simple!

The septic holding tank was converted to the main bilge.  This 4″ deck plate will serve as emergency access, should we ever need to use an emergency de-watering pump.

The hatch fitted.
A new faucet made of Pex completes the simple system.

Isaac oiled the masthead sheaves and stopped the squeaks!

Steven testing his survival suit.  Hopefully it will still fit next year!

Dan and Mary Duame helped with the rub-rail project.  The trex worked beautifully!

I had about a week to learn how to tig weld and finish the lifeline stantions.

Finally getting the hang of it on this base plate.
8 handrails done and ready for drilling
My friend Kalani drilling the stantion plates. Thank you Kalani!
Every boat needs a vise.  But where do you put it?

How about here!?  Just flip the hatch and bam.. A workbench.
The SSB Antenna tuner and radio were wired in as well.  An acess hatch had to be cut into the Starboard setee’ back

T minus 2 days.  Time to load the coal.

90, 1 gallon bags of newspaper wrapped coal went onboard.  Isaac and his buddy Preston helped out.  Thanks guys!

Wind and rain refused to relent.  But a break in the weather on the day of departure allowed me to lay the final welds onboard.

Here the stern rail is tied into the rack….  Now the starboard side and its time to go.


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