The shakedown run to Kodiak. Leg 1 of the Circumnavigation

The final welds were made only a few hours before our departure.

We left the dock out of sheer principle to leave on time!  Instantly feeling better, we spent the first night at the “Notch” and awoke refreshed.  Then we tuned the running rigging and did some practice reefing before setting out for the Gulf Of Alaska. 
Clear of land now, we beat into a beautiful high pressure system for the first 30 hours or so. 

The new mainsail performed well and we had lots of time to tweak the sail and learn how she trims out.
The first night was a little chilly but beautiful.  Not a drop of rain!  A much needed break from the wet Seward summer.

Sunsets are amazing on the open ocean.  Its difficult to describe.

Looking over the Starboard quarter at Cook Inlet.

A toasty warm coal fire burned each night.

Our final Approach into Kodiak was a broad reach in light air  through cross current.  A fun little twist.

So we held all sail under the bridge and up to the breakwater entrance.

Kodiak was a warm welcoming community.  Now its back to work to fund next springs grand voyage North!

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