Equipment testing is under way!

This month is a busy one for the Crew of Empiricus.

Isaac and Jesse have been testing the Stormr gear in the Icy waters of Resurrection Bay.  While Dan has been slaving away on the Dinghy with Zeal!  Living rooms’ are piled with gear to sort through and calculations being made for food and cooking fuel consumption.  Detailed posts to follow on all these happennings.

Spring is coming and preparedness is in full swing.. Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Equipment testing is under way!

  1. Great! I ordered a pair of Stormr gloves after seeing this. Not in the UK but had to order from Australia!! Weird for winter gloves… Anyway, hopefully arriving in a week. I’ll report as well as it’s mostly 5 degrees C when sailing here at the moment…

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