Big Bad Bellot Straight Part 2. A successful passage.

On September 1, 2014, just after our 1st attempt at the Northwest Passage’s infamous Bellot Straight, we vowed not to make another, until we had a got, clear ice report. We were prepared and ready to return to Gjoa Haven for the winter, if need be and in the mean time sat drifting in calm […]


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Liebster award nominee!

My friends from Alaskagraphy nominated Empiricusembarks for the Leibster award.  Sweet!  Thanks guys! The award nomination is continually passed on to other blogs, which stirs activity and spurs new connections among readers.  Cool! This award comes with a list of questions, put to the nominees, by the nominating party.  So here is what Alaskagraphy asked: […]

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The courage is in your moments

Who is it that speaks and is heard for eternity? The humble… The humble live on in our thoughts, our books and our stories, because they have the greatest courage of all. Though it takes great courage to face an enemy, and risk your life for another. It takes even greater courage, to face yourself […]

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  Big Bad Bellot. The West entrance to the strait is located at 71 Deg 58 Min North by 95 Deg 11 Min West. Its southern shore marks the northernmost point on the North American continent. This narrow body of water is not well charted and carries a long history of dramatic encounters for ships […]


Northwest Passage 2014 the official complete list of passage makers.

The following is the official list of Northwest Passage transits, by all vessels in recorded history.  Empiricus is number 208!  Ever! There is also some brief but interesting reading in the introduction.  They have Empiricus listed as a “Ketch”, but thats an easy mistake to make.  We have requested a correction to “Yawl”, but thats […]

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What is the Northwest Passage?

I’ve been blogging about the Northwest Passage for a while now and I just realized that the details of this place have not always been in the forefront of my writing. Encyclopedia Britannica defines the “Northwest Passage” as “Northwest Passage, historical sea passage of the North American continent, representing centuries of effort to find a […]

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