Empiricus Embarks

For those of you who have climbed a real mountain. You will understand this fully.

At the base looking up, you are excited. Dreamy even, in love with your imaginings of the view from up there.

As you approach the mountain and disappear into the brush. You lose sight of the top. In fact you wont see it again until its under your feet.

As you beat the brush and your calves begin to burn, your motivation changes. It becomes more about finishing what you started, then the great view up top.

Every emotion can be found in those bushes. Anger, fear, joy etc. The fact is that the process is what you make it.

Yet regardless of your motivations to stay the course, it is mathematically certain you will reach it in time. One foot in front of the other. Don’t even bother counting the steps; the slips, the falls. Don,t count how many times you claw wrist deep into the moss and devils club, just to get out of the woods.

All those steps will make up their sum, soon enough.

After all that, if you have guided your steps, no matter how tender or feeble they seemed. You will crest the final ridge.

For the first time since you gazed at the mountain, you will see the top. Your heart will leap. Your gears will shift again and the view from the top will be yours.

After 3 years of scratching at the rocks. Empiricus is poised to sail from Kodiak Alaska on a 5000 Nautical Mile adventure through the Northwest Passage. With a target on McClure Straight.

In this parable of mountains and ocean, Empiricus is just above the tree line. Breathing the fresh air. One foot in front of the other.

With a howl, waiting in my chest. I welcome the first full moon under sail. For I have fallen in love with the perfect moments that lead me to find more like it.


4 thoughts on “Empiricus Embarks

  1. Jesse, you’ve made leaps n bounds with your writing as well as with this project! Best of journeys. May the wind be at your SIDE always.

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